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Helping first responders & supporting drivers

VCHD Cargo has supported charitable and grassroots initiatives for many years but this time we found a project that really pulled at our heartstrings. We were approached by one of our drivers who in his spare time participates in the SAR project and helps in search-and-rescue efforts in inaccessible locations. We immediately thought “this is it!” – this is exactly the kind of project we want to support and if one of our colleagues is involved, even better!

The Czech SAR Team is an independent SAR (Search and Rescue) organisation dedicated to searching for lost and missing persons throughout the Czech Republic using all terrain vehicles and other equipment available to the team. The team also assists the Integrated Emergency System during emergency events such as floods, forest fires, etc. Thanks to special equipment, members of the Czech SAR Team are able to transport people in a critical condition (injuries or life-threatening conditions) in inaccessible terrain, thus helping making sure the person gets professional medical treatment as soon as possible. The team also works with trained rescue dogs and is usually able to respond to an emergency within 60 minutes, unless the team is already assisting in another case.

We are proud that we have a chance to support such a unique project, which, moreover, involves our drivers. We hope that will continue to do an amazing job. After all, who else but an experienced driver can find his way in tense situations and in difficult terrain.