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Truck driver (C+E) on tour with the apartment

Máte zájem o tuto pozici?

VCHD Cargo is a Czech family carrier with a tradition since 1997. It currently has more than 160 of its own trucks and continues to grow. 

Position description

  • We are looking for truck drivers with experience in EU who are interested in driving on a regular line with an apartment and fixed times in Western Europe.
  • On these regular lines swap bodies are transported - two containers (one on a tractor and the other on a trailer). The driver arrives to prepared, loaded and sealed swap body with consolidated goods - he will pick the swap body and transport to the destination - without waiting! So he's really a driver.
  • The lines are arranged according to the regulations 561/2006 (AETR)
  • Drivers on the line are rotated in the mode of min. 4 weeks outdoors / 1 week at home (but can be adjusted with the dispatchers – for example: 6 weeks work / 2 weeks home)

How will the job start?

  • Register at the bottom of the page on the form and wait for our call
  • We will talk to you in a friendly manner and explain everything to you openly.
  • We plan an interview and training with you on a regular line at one of our branches
  • During your practice rides with you, we will also undergo ADR training (simple weekend training for the transport of hazardous substances - deodorants, hygiene products, etc.).
  • We will assign you a line abroad with an apartment, to which we will take you and where you will always drive on the same car according to fixed times. After some time, we can also offer you a German contract in our German subsidiary.

We require

  • Driving and professional license for groups C + E
  • ADR training an advantage (can be trained within the company)
  • Ability and willingness to work
  • Adaptability - work in shifts (individually by agreement)
  • Time flexibility, independence and reliability
  • Knowledge of one of these languages at the B2 level: English, German, Czech

We offer

  • Employment for an indefinite period in a stable Czech company founded in 1997
  • Help and assistance with solving your problems 24 hours a day and 7 days a week thanks to our reliable dispatching
  • Above-standard salary evaluation
    18 500, - CZK basis
    3 500, - net for economical driving
    Diets In total, our drivers will earn 55 thousand CZK net (= approximately 2,200 €)
  • Christmas bonuses, advances and summer allowances, salary increases
  • Strict adherence to n. 561/2006 (AETR)
  • Technical background of our own service for trucks
  • Modern fleet of MAN, DAF, VOLVO, SCANIA, Euro 6 with an average age of 2.5 years.
  • Professional training and beyond legal obligations
  • Mobile phone with a flat rate also for private use

Where we stop

Swap bodies

  • If the C + E driver does not know the process of swap bodies, we can train him very quickly. Here is an illustration image:

Interested in this position ?

    I do own C+E licence

    I have a permission to work in EU