Sustainable Development

We are concerned about nature

Sustainable Development

Sustainable development, including environmental improvement measures, is part of the company’s priorities. A set of measures to protect employees’ health, the environment and to minimise the environmental impact of VCHD Cargo’s business is the foundation of the company’s strategy.

First and foremost is the constant optimisation of transport routes with the aim of reducing the number of ’empty’ kilometres and the efficient use of all transport units. The company has also invested in new transport equipment complying with EURO 6 emission standards and has taken measures to minimize fuel consumption. VCHD Cargo monitors several indicators that have a significant impact on fuel consumption.

These indicators are:

Exceeding the speed limit
Exceeding RPM
Vehicle idling time
Fuel consumption on cruise control
Braking at high speeds

Drivers are motivated to adhere to these indicators by regular rewards or other corporate benefits.

At Havlíčkův Brod and Kladno, the company also uses an alternative energy source from its own photovoltaic power plant.

Percentage of trucks meeting the EURO 6 standard 100%

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