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Regular lines – maximum use of loading space, short delivery times

VCHD Cargo realizes a large part of its business through regular lines. There are currently almost 80 direct lines from the Czech Republic to 14 countries. Despite the current complicated situation in Europe, a new line between Erfurt and Rotterdam started at the beginning of April.

VCHD Cargo ensures regular lines for both export and import. For the most part, the transports are carried out in double-deck swap bodies. “The swap bodies are always designed for larger quantities of palletized goods with an average weight of approx. 250kg each. We use this technology for our customers wherever there is a large exchange of goods and where there are high demands for fast delivery, ”says Petr Kozel, CEO of VCHD Cargo.

VCHD Cargo also uses double-deck semi-trailers with a temperature control for its own lines. These are used for the transport of food but also for the transport of dangerous goods. These so-called “frigos” are equipped with an aggregate and a thermometer, which can also be controlled and checked remotely and of course also a contact thermometer is a standard equipment. In the double-decker variant, the second floor is flexible and independent of the loading area. Depending on the type of goods to be transported, the second floor can only be installed, for example, in the front part of the loading area, where lower pallets can be positioned one above the other. The rest can be loaded with pallets up to 2.7 m high. With full use of the double-decker variant, the trailer can take up to 66 pallets.

The second important aspect of regular transport is the reliability and speed of the transport carried out by VCHD Cargo. The fleet is fully utilized thanks to the appropriate personnel strategy. The vehicles are usually traveling with two drivers and on long lines, e.g. to southern Europe, these double crews can even switch with second crew. In this way, the journey continues and the drivers spend their mandatory rest periods in company apartments along the main European traffic axes.

VCHD Cargo’s fleet currently has 160 tractors and 180 trailers. On average, the technology reaches the age of 3 years and 100% of the pulling units meet the emission standards of Euroclass 6. All vehicles are equipped as standard for the transport of dangerous goods according to the ADR convention. The VCHD Cargo lines regularly serve more than 70 destinations across Europe and information about the current location of the cargo is available to the customer at all times thanks to GPS.