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VCHD Cargo employs the elite

The transport company VCHD Cargo invests in its personnel policy and focuses on training top professional drivers. At a time when this profession has been lacking on the labour market for many years, the most experienced drivers have remained with VCHD Cargo for a long time. The company prevents fluctuations through thoughtful on-boarding and a family-friendly company climate. As a result, the elite Millionaire’s Club – drivers who have driven more than one million kilometres at VCHD Cargo – grows every year.

VCHD Cargo has more than 220 trucks in its fleet and employs 370 drivers. They operate over 110 regular scheduled lines to many European countries and also guarantee the quality of VCHD Cargo’s services. At a time when there is a chronic shortage of quality candidates for professional driver on the labour market, VCHD Cargo manages to recruit, train and sustain long-term quality employees for these positions despite many obstacles.
“The workload of the HR department is enormous – in the first five months of this year alone, we registered more than 500 applicants with a C+E driving licence,” says Ing. Petr Kozel, CEO and Chairman of the Board of VCHD Cargo, and adds, “It would seem that there are many applicants for the job of truck driver. However, a large number of them are often just looking to see if a change of employer would lead to slightly better earnings, and often their expectations are incompatible with reality in this respect.” For those candidates who pass a screening process of eliminating questions targeting their experience and expectations during the first telephone interview, VCHD Cargo invites them to a personal interview. Despite the transparent interview process, the first year proves critical to the future of new drivers. “Our experience tells us that it is very important to explain at the very beginning what the job of a professional driver on our lines involves and whether it matches the expectations of even a relatively experienced candidate. Then comes the next, equally important phase of proper training,” says Petr Kozel. According to him, the high turnover of new recruits is largely due to their low professional level, unrealistic expectations and low motivation. “It is a demanding process, which partly slows down the pace of our development, and we have to take into account the irreversible and often unnecessary costs of training new recruits. They cost over 28,000 CZK per job,” he explains. According to VCHD Cargo, candidates from driving schools come into the practice completely unprepared and have to undergo a series of training courses and training days before they can head out on the road independently.
The situation is different for drivers who have already established themselves in the company. Their turnover is low and their professional level is very good. “From the second year onwards, people stay with us. They appreciate the stable and predictable work, they drive their route, which they know to the smallest detail. They know the specifics and requirements of particular customers at loading and unloading sites and know how to meet them, thus constantly improving the quality of our transports,” says Petr Kozel.
These elite drivers have been employed by VCHD Cargo for 15 years and the company regularly appreciates their work. Among other things, it has established an elite Millionaire Club – drivers who have driven under the VCHD Cargo brand over a million kilometres. Three of the Club’s members have already achieved two million kilometres, one of them even surpassed the 2.5 million kilometre mark last year. “We are very proud of our driving elites. They are the face of our company and it is often their professional approach, willingness and smile that decide on the continuity or expansion of cooperation with our satisfied customers,” says Petr Kozel.

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VCHD Cargo has expanded its headquarters in Kladno with a large car park

The transport company VCHD Cargo has new parking spaces at its headquarters in Kladno, Central Bohemia. On a brownfield site adjacent to the company’s building, a parking area of more than 16,000 m2 has been built with a capacity of more than 30 trucks and 50 cars. The car park also includes handling and storage areas.

“Our company’s fleet amounts to 210 vehicles. They are driven by 310 drivers, for whom we strive to provide comfortable conditions for the performance of their demanding profession,” says Ing. Petr Kozel, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors of VCHD Cargo a.s., and adds, “One of the big problems is the ability to park the trucks safely and comfortably. That’s why we decided to expand the existing limited parking spaces and provide our drivers with convenient access directly to our headquarters.”

The new parking lot will allow drivers to park their trucks when they switch with a colleague on another line, park conveniently to take care of administrative and personnel issues at headquarters, or leave their vehicles overnight if they are returning home from the line for the evening. In addition, the trucks wait here for regular cleaning and disinfection before their next journey and, last but not least, they provide drivers with the reassurance that with a broken down but running vehicle, they do not have to look for other alternatives before they are taken in for service. As part of VCHD Cargo’s training and education programmes, there will also be demonstrations of, for example, the handling of swap bodies.

The surface of the new car park is made of concrete, of which almost 400 m3 was used. As part of its construction, new pavements were built to line the administration building, six soakage wells and storm sewers, public lighting and wiring with more than 30 security cameras. Access to the parking lot is only possible by reading the license plate number of a car or truck at the entrance and exit. Over 50 trees and hundreds of shrubs have been planted in the parking lot, which will help to brighten the parking lot and provide pleasant shade in the future.

Information for editors:

VCHD Cargo a.s. was founded in 1997 and specializes in export and domestic overland transport. The company has branches in Kladno, Brno, Havlíčkův Brod, České Budějovice and offers regular scheduled services to 72 destinations in Europe. It provides full-load and LTL export and import transport and domestic terminal-to-terminal or supplier-to-customer transport with regular departures. VCHD Cargo a.s. operates its own fleet of more than 210 vehicles, including those for ADR and temperature-controlled shipments. The company is also a carrier approved by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Czech Republic for the carriage of mail cargo subject to security control. VCHD Cargo operates its own petrol station, professional service and washing line for cars and trucks. The company employs more than 335 people in the Czech Republic.

In 2019, VCHD Cargo a.s. established a subsidiary in Germany, VCHD Cargo GmbH. The latter then acquired the German transport company Völker Logistik in 2021. According to preliminary results, the entire VCHD Cargo Group achieved a gross turnover of more than one billion crowns in 2021. Further information is available at https://www.vchd.cz/cs

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VCHD Cargo achieved record growth last year

Transport company VCHD Cargo has announced preliminary results of its operations in the year 2021- the Group’s sales rose to more than one billion crowns. In the Czech Republic, VCHD Cargo recorded a 17 percent growth, while in Germany the company achieved a nearly 60 percent increase in sales. The German transport company Völker Logistik, as last year’s acquisition of VCHD Cargo, reported sales of CZK 97 millions. In total, the VCHD Cargo Group handled more than 38,400 shipments to more than 4,800 destinations across Europe last year.

In the previous years, VCHD Cargo strengthened its personnel in order to increase its market share in the Czech Republic and Germany, the largest European logistics market. In 2021, it reaped the rewards of its growth strategy despite a volatile freight market. In the Czech Republic, its sales amounted to CZK 853 millions. The company achieved this 17 % growth through new acquisitions, winning orders from parcel providers and manufacturing companies. At the same time, it grew together with its existing customers, especially in the logistics sector. “The year 2021 continued to be affected by the impact of the coronavirus crisis and we are pleased that we managed to achieve such good economic results despite this,” says Ing. Per Kozel, CEO and Chairman of the Board of VCHD Cargo, and adds, “We are particularly pleased that we have managed to maintain the high quality of our services despite the unfavourable labour market conditions. I believe we owe this to our family-oriented approach to business and our employees, as well as our long-term business strategy.”

In Germany, the company was able to achieve a huge percentage increase in turnover – 59 % to a total of CZK 73 millions through its subsidiary VCHD Cargo GmbH. The high double-digit jump in sales was driven by organic growth in the form of new orders, particularly in the transport of swap bodies. VCHD Cargo’s new acquisition, the German company Völker Logistik, also closed the year with positive results, generating sales of CZK 97 million. “Germany is another strategic market for us, which we entered two years ago with the establishment of a subsidiary,” says Petr Kozel, adding that “the integration of the family-owned transport company Völker Logistik last year also enables us to offer even more services to German customers, especially in the area of German regional transport.”

Investment in technology and human resources

In 2021, VCHD Cargo invested in the development of its branches, fleet and employees. At the branch in Havlíčkův Brod, the reconstruction of the administrative and staff facilities was completed and the exterior landscaping around the branch was carried out. A new parking lot for trucks was built at the company’s headquarters in Kladno. A substantial part of VCHD Cargo’s investments was also allocated to the renewal of the vehicle fleet. Last year, the company acquired 71 new vehicles worth a total of EU 5 millions and for the first time also included swap bodies in its own fleet. “We carry out more than 3,200 shipments every month and guarantee delivery within 24/48 hours to almost any destination in Europe. We therefore need reliable technology,” explains Petr Kozel, adding, “which is why we keep the average age of our vehicles around 3 years. However, the chip crisis and the very long delivery times of our trucks made the fleet renewal process significantly more difficult.” VCHD Cargo’s investment strategy last year also included the digitisation of processes in order to reduce the administrative burden on its employees, especially drivers, and to further improve transport planning and communication with customers through the acquisition of high-quality data.

The year 2022 will also be a year of investment for VCHD Cargo. The company will further develop its transport and forwarding services this year and, if not negatively influenced in terms of vehicle availability and delivery times, will purchase dozens of new trucks and trailers. Further employee support is also planned. “This year we will continue to invest in our people,” emphasises Petr Kozel and concludes, “we want them to feel comfortable with us, we respect the fact that drivers in particular have a demanding job and we will continue to try to make their work easier and create comfortable conditions for them to perform their work. We will also support their training.”

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VCHD Cargo cooperates with GLS Germany

The transport company VCHD Cargo has been working closely with parcel service provider GLS Germany since June 2021. For GLS, one of the leading providers of logistics services, VCHD Cargo carries out regular scheduled transports from the Dresden area. The company uses special swap bodies and versatile towing vehicles capable of adapting to different standstill heights as well as low-deck towing vehicles, all of which comply with the highest Euro 6 emissions standard. Thanks to the driver rotation system, excellent delivery times are achieved.

GLS Germany (behind the acronym is the name General Logistics Systems) is a globally active company and a subsidiary of the British Royal Mail. VCHD Cargo has been one of its certified partners since June 2021. “We benefit from the know-how of our experienced drivers from the Czech Republic and the possibility of changing crews and vehicles during unloading on the route to Central Bohemia,” explains Ing. Petr Kozel, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors of VCHD Cargo a.s., adding, “The set of two fully loaded C745 swap bodies can hold 36 pallets. That is 9 percent more than a conventional semi-trailer. This not only has the advantage of being able to use more loading capacity, but also reduces the carbon footprint of our transports.”

VCHD Cargo has a fleet of 200 towing vehicles and 180 trailers operating on 73 routes throughout Europe. The company uses two crews on long-distance routes and a system of alternating crews, which allows it to achieve short delivery times even to distant destinations. “Our services are used by logistics, parcel, production and retail companies, which appreciate our flexibility and reliability in delivery. This is the biggest benefit in the current shortage of drivers and vehicles on the market,” concludes Petr Kozel.

About GLS Group

GLS Group is an international parcel services provider with a strong local market expertise. Each day, GLS delivers millions of parcels through its seamless cross-border network. The company takes pride in providing its customers across 41 countries with a hassle-free experience and high-quality service that suits their needs best. With a sharp eye on what matters most – the customer – GLS has a presence in almost all European countries and operates through wholly-owned subsidiaries in Canada and on the USA’s West Coast, all within one GLS network. The GLS network consists of 88 central and regional transhipment points and about 1,600 depots, which are supported by approximately 35,000 final-mile delivery vehicles and 4,600 long-distance trucks. The way GLS actively manages its network and connects its markets gives the company the agility and flexibility to respond to fast-changing conditions in the industry. In 2020/21, GLS generated record revenues of 4.5 billion euros and delivered 840 million parcels, despite global challenges.


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VCHD Cargo has invested CZK 70 million in new vehicles. A second batch, with nearly the same price mark, has not been delivered yet

The transport company VCHD Cargo has acquired 39 towing vehicles and 20 trailers this year. Partly thanks to its acquisition of the German businesses Völker Logistik, the company’s fleet has thus increased to include 200 trucks, trailers and swap bodies with an average age of 3 years. Investment into vehicle technology alone has reached CZK 70 million in 2021. Nearly half of the vehicles ordered in 2021, worth nearly the same amount, has not been delivered yet due to global problems caused by disrupted supply chains.

VCHD Cargo derives great pride from providing its drivers with the latest in vehicle technology, impeccably maintained. It keeps the average age of its fleet at around three years. “A reliable, safe truck and trailer, with the biggest possible cargo capacity, is the best foundation for satisfying the needs of our customers,” says VCHD Cargo a.s. CEO and President Ing. Petr Kozel. The 59 new additions to the fleet include trucks, swap body carriers and trailers as well as frigo box trailers with regulated temperature and, for the first time in the company’s history, its own swap bodies.

Originally, VCHD Cargo planned to invest nearly double the actual amount, a total of CZK 140 million, in new vehicles. Unfortunately only half of the orders have been delivered. “This deficit has had an impact on several key aspects of our business – first and foremost, the average age of our fleet has increased, resulting in a higher cost of repair. Secondly, we are obliged to maintain more backup vehicles ready to replace units that require servicing,” Petr Kozel explains, adding: “In fact, the vehicles that were delivered to us this year were not even enough to cover our planned fleet renewal.”

Since delays in the supply chain have now reached and sometimes exceed 6 months, VCHD Cargo must plan its vehicle investments and orders as much as a year in advance. Next year, the company will purchase new vehicles from MAN, Mercedes, Scania and Volvo.

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