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VCHD Cargo acquired the German forwarder Völker Logistik

VCHD Cargo has announced its acquisition of the German freight forwarder Völker Logistik. The deal is the Czech company’s biggest investment to this day, and aims at strengthening its position in the largest logistics market in Europe. This milestone transaction will increase the company’s competitive edge within the international line market and, at the same time, boost its capabilities in shorter distances within Germany, including last-line services. The merger of the two family-owned businesses will also provide human resource synergies, especially in terms of professional drivers.

VCHD Cargo is a Czech transport company with more than a 20-year history. It entered the German market in 2019 when it set up its VCHD Cargo GmbH affiliate with headquarters in Radeburg. The acquisition of an established forwarding agent like Völker Logistik gives a boost to the company’s growth, contributing excellent knowledge of the local German transport market and especially Völker Logistik’s experience with short-distance hauls.

We have been looking for an established company in the German market based in an attractive location for logistics activities that would share our core values. In Völker Logistik, we found both a great specialist in the German market, strategically placed in central Germany with excellent connectivity to the Benelux countries, Switzerland and France, and a family-run business dedicated to the same human and entrepreneurial values as VCHD Cargo,” Petr Kozel, CEO and Chairman of the VCHD Cargo Board, explains, adding: “By joining forces, we will be able to offer better services to our current customers and reach a larger part of the Czech and German markets with an expanded service portfolio.”

Völker Logistik was founded in 2005 as a family business specialising in transport services, goods handling, storage and consulting. The company focuses on local short-distance haulage and specialised long-distance haulage to all parts of Germany. It offers a wide variety of distribution logistics solutions for electronics wholesalers and healthcare product manufacturers as well as night transport and second-day delivery services that reach many German federal states. “The portfolios of our two companies wonderfully complement each other and the deal will allow us to offer to our customers sustainable and creative tailor-made one-stop solutions,” says Niko Völker, executive and agent of Völker Logistik, adding: “the current situation in the German haulage market is strongly affected by growing demand on one hand and lack of professional drivers of the other. We will definitely derive HR synergies as well.”

Völker Logistik and VCHD Cargo are family-owned businesses that share the same traditional values and business attitudes. “We will continue supporting Völker Logistik specialists through a sustainable and fair HR policy, focus on customers and a drive to satisfy their specific needs,” says Petr Kozel. Niko Völker, the son of the company’s founder, will remain at the helm of Völker Logistik. Ing. Petr Kozel will become the second executive, and the company’s team of agents will newly include Ing. Pavel Sirotek and Lars Holste, who will be responsible for the company’s financial management. “With the wonderful team that we have been able to bring together, we are looking forward to new tasks and challenges, growing our customer portfolio and further increasing the quality of our services,” Niko Völker concludes.

VCHD Cargo a.s. was founded in 1997 and specialises in export and domestic cargo transport. The company has branches in Kladno, Brno, Havlíčkův Brod and České Budějovice and offers regular cargo lines to 72 European destinations. It offers full-vehicle as well as LTL export and import transport as well as domestic terminal-terminal and supplier-client services with regular schedules. VCHD Cargo has its own fleet with more than 160 vehicles, including vehicles for ADR shipments and temperature-regulation vehicles. The company is also a carrier certified by the Czech Civil Aviation Authority for the transport of post consignments subject to security checks.

VCHD Cargo also has its own petrol station, professional service and wash line for passenger cars and trucks. The company has more than 335 employees in the Czech Republic and its 2019 gross turnover reached CZK 730 million. For more information, visit https://www.vchd.cz/cs

More about Völker Logistik GmbH: Founded in 2005, the forwarding company Völker Logistik GmbH specialises in haulage services, goods handling, warehousing and consulting. It focuses on local short-distance haulage and specialised long-distance haulage to all parts of Germany. It offers a wide variety of distribution logistics solutions including services for electronics wholesalers and healthcare product manufacturers as well as night transport and second-day delivery services that reach many German federal states. Located in Alsfeld, central Germany, the Völker Logistik headquarters is well connected to the German highway network and offers 1,300 m2 of warehouse space for short-term and medium-term storage and transhipment. The company has its own fleet of vehicles fully compatible with the EURO VI standard. Völker Logistik lays special emphasis on the use of cutting-edge technologies, economic efficiency and sustainable development. As a family-run business, Völker Logistik has built an excellent reputation over the past 15 years, mainly thanks to its high level of professionalism, first-rate consulting, successful educational programmes and maximum effort to meet all deadlines. For more information, go to www.voelker-logistik.de

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VCHD Cargo introduces direct cargo lines to Ireland

The Czech transport company VCHD Cargo has launched a pilot project of direct LTL (less than truck load) services to Ireland. VCHD Cargo transports OEM products for LEEL COILS EUROPE to the island including a direct ferry passage from France. The solution allows clients to bypass customs procedures necessary for a transit through the UK, saves time and brings economic benefits.

LEEL COILS EUROPE s.r.o. is a leading European manufacturer and supplier of heat exchangers for OEM (original equipment manufacturer) clients. One of its key markets is Ireland which has been traditionally supplied through the Britain. Since the UK’s exit from the European Union and the imposition of customs procedures even on transiting goods, the flow of cargo from EU countries to the Irish market has been jeopardised. VCHD Cargo has, therefore, proposed a new solution and won LEEL COILS EUROPE’s tender for transport to this destination. “Our company enters each tender with maximum dedication and effort to put our professional experience and know-how to the best possible use, including the development of new strategies,” says Martin Hustoles, the sales director of VCHD Cargo a. s., explaining that “we proposed to LEEL COILS EUROPE an approach that uses ferries from the French port of Cherbourg to Dublin, Ireland, and guarantees stable delivery times as well as a balanced quality / price ratio.”

The cargo transport line from the Czech Republic to Ireland with a delivery time of 120 hours is being offered as a pilot project. It is currently available once a week and the capacity can increase to meet clients’ changing needs. The service is administered by VCHD Cargo’s branch in České Budějovice.

“It makes me really happy to see that our solutions and value added help manufacturing companies like LEEL COILS EUROPE reliably deliver their products to the target markets,” says Ing. Petr Kozel, CEO a Chairman of VCHD Cargo a.s., adding: “this case once again highlights the importance and impact of transport and logistics processes on sales strategies and the future of manufacturing and trade companies. It is a great feeling to know that the VCHD Cargo team not only provides high-quality and reliable services but also assists our customers in designing their entire supply chains.”

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Measures at the German border

VCHD Cargo has a fleet of more than 160 vehicles, most of them used on international lines. Since Germany has recently included the Czech Republic in a list of high-risk countries due to the spread of new coronavirus (COVID 19) mutations and a high number of new cases, VCHD Cargo now has to face complications with cross border traffic. As of February 15, 2021, all border crossing points on the Czech-German border check driver’s authorisation for entry into the country and require recent coronavirus tests. No exemptions are made for professional international truck drivers. “This week, we expect widespread delays on our international cargo lines. The situation has further complicated the already unenviable job of our drivers who put their own health at risk to make sure our societies have the goods and products that they need,” says Ing. Petr Kozel, CEO and Chairman of VCHD Cargo a.s., explaining the consequences of the new measures implemented on the Czech-German border:

  • “There are practically no facilities (with the exception of Prague) that administer antigen tests in late evening or at night, which is a huge complication for our drivers.
  • With the exception of border crossings, all testing points require an appointment at a specific time. Unfortunately, delays on the road mean that we can schedule the precise time and place of a test appointment two days in advance for only a minority of our drivers.
  • There are 2-3 hour queues at testing points at border crossings. What this means for drivers is that they have to spend the majority of their compulsory break queuing to get a COVID-19 test.
  • Testing points at border crossings offer very limited restroom and bathroom facilities for drivers.
  • Although fast lanes for truck drivers with antigen tests were promised they are more often than not absent or do not work properly.”

The overall effect of the above challenges is a huge, often unpredictable delay. This is the biggest problem for us. We have specific loading and unloading time slots with our customers. Furthermore, the swapbody system works on the principle of meeting points halfway on the line where two trucks meet and easily swap their cargo. This saves both money and time but a delay of one line inevitably means delays further down the line. This in turn impacts the availability of both trucks and drivers, a profession that has been heavily exposed to the virus risk since the start of the pandemic and has been faced with increasing demands in terms of public health and special regime measures.

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Do you test? We test!

Last year, the word “testing” made it on the list of the most used words in the world. Most of us have become casual experts on coronavirus testing and the relative advantages of nasopharyngeal , nasal and saliva tests have replaced football in our conversations with friends and family. Even our parents and grandparents have added “PCR” to their daily vocabulary. The latest twist in the saga has made antigen tests compulsory for Czech businesses as part of efforts to limit the spread of the diseases. However, the transport business has been tested for quite some time – our patients, resilience and our drivers’ psychological fortitude have been sorely tested for months.


Mental health is an integral part of the overall health of each and every one of us. For those who can come back home after work every afternoon and relax with their loved ones, this family time plays an important role in dealing with the stresses of the “covid age”. Unfortunately, long-haul truck drivers do not have this luxury. They spend days, often multiple days, on the road. They sleep in their truck’s cabin or in hotels and mobile phones and the Internet have become their only connection to the world. Sadly, news coverage they find online has long been laser focused on the same sad theme – record number of new cases, rising death tolls, lack of vaccines and overwhelmed hospitals. The only thing that seems to change is which indicator is the worst on any particular day. Not exactly the psychological boost one may need.


But our truck drivers cannot escape and switch off even when they come home. Three times a week, they have to give up several hours of their free time to get compulsory antigen tests required each time they cross the Czech-German border as most of our long-haul lines do. By the way, there is no guarantee yet that the compulsory testing imposed on all companies, including VCHD, will have the same validity and will be accepted for cross border traffic as testing done in certified centres with official certificates. Oh well, the truck driving profession is getting tougher and tougher all the time. And the covid era has been one hell of a stress test that has lasted for more than a year now. So if you meet a truck with the VCHD Cardo logo on the road, show some appreciation to the driver – with a smile, a hello, a small gesture of recognition. To let him know that his work makes a difference.

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VCHD Cargo Approved as Air Cargo Carrier

The Czech transport company VCHD Cargo has become an approved air cargo carrier. The company provides shipping in the secured regime to airports in the Czech Republic as well as other European countries for customers with the regulated agent status. The company trained 30 employees in before introducing the new service.


An air cargo carrier is an entity that provides land cargo and mail services on behalf of regulated agents, known consignors or account consignors approved by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Czech Republic. Before approval, the carrier must go through a training and certification process required by the Authority and must ensure security throughout the entire transport process from or to airport terminals. “We have trained 20 drivers, dispatch staff and several office workers in order to provide this type of land transport that is subject to special rules and regulations,”Ing. Petr Kozel, Chairman of the VCHD Cargo a. s. Board of Directors, explains, adding: “this type of land transport comes with stringent security requirements on both the consignments as such and on operation and handling at airport terminals.” The new service is currently used primarily by automotive suppliers who urgently need to send their car parts to manufacturing plants. VCHD Cargo carries incoming air consignments from all parts of the world from the Václav Havel Airport Prague and provides carriage services to Czech exports to airports in Frankfurt, Nuremberg and several other destinations. VCHD Cargo has introduced the new service in order to offer fast transport options for customers without the complication of administrative formalities at EU airports.

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