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VCHD Cargo received the prestigious AAA award

The Czech transport company VCHD Cargo has won its fifth consecutive Czech Stability Award certificate in the highest AAA category. Awarded by Bisnode in partnership with the CZECH TOP 100 association, the certificate confirms that its holder uses its resources efficiently and consistently transforms them into high-quality products and services. VCHD Cargo has secured the certificate despite the widespread complications in the transport market due to the global coronavirus pandemic.

“Throughout its more than 20-year history, VCHD Cargo has always managed its business and development conservatively in terms of investments but with an innovative spirit informing its customer service and a drive to increase service quality,”explains Chairman of the company’s Board Ing. Petr Kozel adding that “we have thus managed to build a stable, renown company that is capable to respond even to sudden market disruptions like the one we saw in the first quarter of this year. We are delighted that our stability has once again been recognised by an independent rating. It sends a positive signal to our customers and business partners. Reliability and security are becoming important values in our market again.”

The Czech Stability Award is a prestigious independent business rating with roots going back to 1908. The Award can only be granted to companies that generate profit. There are three levels: AAA, AA and A. The certificate confirms that its holders use their resources efficiently and consistently transform them into high-quality products and services. Strict criteria ensure that only the bests companies can join the exclusive club and confirm their strong market position. Only a small fraction of business active in the Czech Republic can achieve the AAA to A rating.