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This year we celebrate three times a hundred!

The year 2023 was a landmark for VCHD Cargo a.s., marked by the “century” milestone, achieved three times over. Our fleet of modern trucks reached three significant milestones – three renowned manufacturers have delivered the 100th vehicle of their brand to us.

Since the beginning of our history to this day, our customers and we have seen 100 MAN trucks, 100 Scania, and 100 Volvo trucks in service. Each brand has its unique strengths – Volvo is very reliable, and like Scania, it is known for its low fuel consumption, while MAN is appreciated for its spacious cabin. The average age of our trucks is three years, and we retire them when they reach approximately 750,000 to one million kilometers on the odometer. They are our working tool, our business card, and a second home for our drivers. We maintain them in excellent technical condition to enable us to provide the highest quality of transportation to our customers. So, let’s toast three times to the journey towards the next hundred.