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VCHD Cargo invests in quality and safe technology.

Last year, the international transport company VCHD Cargo welcomed about a hundred new vehicles to its fleet, thereby reducing the average age of its vehicle fleet in the Czech Republic to 2.3 years. This significant investment also led to a notable decrease in the costs of maintenance and vehicle service. With an investment of 180 million Czech crowns in the renewal of towing and trailing vehicles, the company has strengthened the conditions for the safe driving of its drivers and increased their comfort at work.

VCHD Cargo, a transport company focused on international line haulage, has maintained its fleet of commercial vehicles at an average age of approximately 3.5 years for many years. However, last year it massively invested in the renewal of the park – acquiring 56 new towing motor vehicles and 45 trailing vehicles, including interchangeable superstructures, thus reducing the average age of the fleet to a record 2.3 years. “This means we have the most modern vehicles on European roads,” states Ing Petr Kozel, CEO and Chairman of the Board of VCHD Cargo a.s., adding, “but more importantly, we can offer our customers even more reliable services. Also, thanks to the many safety features in the most modern equipment of the vehicles and regular training of our drivers, we contribute to higher safety of operations on European roads.”

Currently, VCHD Cargo has 200 vehicles in its fleet, including so-called frigo vehicles (refrigerated trailers) for transporting goods in a controlled temperature regime or frozen products. All vehicles meet the highest Euro VI emission standard and are equipped for the transport of dangerous goods. “We decided to invest in new technology despite the economic downturn last year. This was made possible by our long-term strategy and the stable results of our family company,” adds Petr Kozel.

The new additions to VCHD Cargo are from various brands, and VCHD Cargo thus celebrated four hundred milestones. Because the fleet management has been dedicated since its founding, it could confidently state that last year it included vehicles from four brands – Scania, MAN, Mercedes, and Volvo in the fleet. “All vehicles are characterized by good equipment and a comfortable cabin, thus creating the best conditions for safe and economical driving, which we have long motivated our drivers to achieve,” concludes Petr Kozel.