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VCHD Cargo adopts a long-term investment strategy with new fleet investments

The Czech transport company has announced its plans for future strategic development. Despite an economic downturn, the company has adopted an investment plan that maintains the average age of vehicles in its truck fleet at three years. In line with this strategy, the company has acquired 28 utility towing vehicles and 13 trailers this year so far, as of the end of October.

VCHD Cargo is a Czech company with family capital that has been active in the market since 1997. The company offers road cargo transport and specialises in line services for regular goods as well as food and hazardous cargo. Its strategy is built around high reliability of delivery. This ethos has been put to a serious test this year. “The situation this year is complicated in many respects. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought challenges not only for our drivers in the form of strict hygiene measures, facility entry restrictions and a high risk of contagion on the job, but also for our dispatch staff and managers in terms of operative and strategic planning,” says Ing. Petr Kozel, Chairman of the VCHD Cargo Board, adding: “although we have already invested over half a million Czech korunas in PPE and disinfectants for both our drivers and vehicles, we shall continue investing in the renewal of our fleet in order to guarantee reliable and safe transport services.”

VCHD Cargo has adopted a seven-year investment plan intended to keep the maximum average age of all vehicles in the company’s fleet under three years. The aim is to minimise lost time due to vehicle breakdowns or servicing. VCHD Cargo’s fleet in the Czech Republic and in Germany currently consists of 160 towing vehicles and 170 trailers and the company plans to buy more than ten other vehicles before the end of the year. The company’s preferred suppliers are Mercedes, Scania and Volvo. “We firmly believe that modern technology, high-quality maintenance and experienced drivers are the key to VCHD CARGO remaining a trusted parted for all our European customers,” Petr Kozel concludes.