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VCHD Cargo continues its support of first responders

The Czech transport company VCHD Cargo has extended its support of the Czech SAR Team, a voluntary first responder organisation dedicated to search and rescue of missing or lost persons and assistance during emergency situations. This year, VCHD Cargo’s financial support will be used to purchase a special rescue trailer.

“We started supporting the Czech SAR Team in 2019 at the initiative of one of our employees who devotes his free time to serve as part of the organisation’s rescue team,” says Ing. Petr Kozel, the Chairman of the VCHD Cargo, a.s. Board of Directors. Last year, VCHD Cargo provided funds for the purchase of medical material. This year, the company will contribute towards the purchase of a special rescue trailer designed for transport of rescued individuals from remote locations. “Last year alone, the Czech SAR Team carried out over 60 missions, often in dense wooded areas inaccessible for regular search-and-rescue equipment. This year, we decided, since we are a transport company, to help the first responders acquire equipment that will help them transport injured, exhausted or disoriented people in difficult terrain, Petr Kozel explains.

The Czech SAR Team is an independent search-and-rescue association. Its core mission is to search for missing or lost individuals in all parts of the Czech Republic with the help of all-terrain vehicles and other special devices used by the team’s members. The association works in close partnership with the Integrated Rescue System during natural disasters including floods, forest fires, etc. VCHD Cargo has supported numerous non-profit initiatives for many years and in 2020 decided to provide a total of CZK 50,000 to the Czech SAR Team.