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VCHD Cargo introduces direct cargo lines to Ireland

The Czech transport company VCHD Cargo has launched a pilot project of direct LTL (less than truck load) services to Ireland. VCHD Cargo transports OEM products for LEEL COILS EUROPE to the island including a direct ferry passage from France. The solution allows clients to bypass customs procedures necessary for a transit through the UK, saves time and brings economic benefits.

LEEL COILS EUROPE s.r.o. is a leading European manufacturer and supplier of heat exchangers for OEM (original equipment manufacturer) clients. One of its key markets is Ireland which has been traditionally supplied through the Britain. Since the UK’s exit from the European Union and the imposition of customs procedures even on transiting goods, the flow of cargo from EU countries to the Irish market has been jeopardised. VCHD Cargo has, therefore, proposed a new solution and won LEEL COILS EUROPE’s tender for transport to this destination. “Our company enters each tender with maximum dedication and effort to put our professional experience and know-how to the best possible use, including the development of new strategies,” says Martin Hustoles, the sales director of VCHD Cargo a. s., explaining that “we proposed to LEEL COILS EUROPE an approach that uses ferries from the French port of Cherbourg to Dublin, Ireland, and guarantees stable delivery times as well as a balanced quality / price ratio.”

The cargo transport line from the Czech Republic to Ireland with a delivery time of 120 hours is being offered as a pilot project. It is currently available once a week and the capacity can increase to meet clients’ changing needs. The service is administered by VCHD Cargo’s branch in České Budějovice.

“It makes me really happy to see that our solutions and value added help manufacturing companies like LEEL COILS EUROPE reliably deliver their products to the target markets,” says Ing. Petr Kozel, CEO a Chairman of VCHD Cargo a.s., adding: “this case once again highlights the importance and impact of transport and logistics processes on sales strategies and the future of manufacturing and trade companies. It is a great feeling to know that the VCHD Cargo team not only provides high-quality and reliable services but also assists our customers in designing their entire supply chains.”