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VCHD Cargo’s Millionaires’ Club hits the 2.5m km mark for the first time

The transport company VCHD Cargo has created and supports its Millionaires’ Club for drivers who have travelled over a million kilometres behind the wheel of the company’ trucks. After the very difficult year 2021, three club members reached the 2m km milestone. However, the overall champion is Jiří Kadlec, driver at the Kladno branch, who hit the 2.5m km mark this year. Each year, VCHD Cargo treats its millionaire drivers to interesting benefits.

The Millionaires’ Club is also a club of our most experienced drivers,” says Jiří Kadlec, VCHD Cargo’s CEO and President, adding, „some of them have been with our company for decades and act as coaches for young drivers who enter our driving school. We greatly appreciate their dedication and we do our best to let them know that they are our company’s most valuable asset.”

Experienced and loyal drivers are a rarity in the labour market. In VCHD Cargo’s experience, young drivers who just get their first driver’s licence are far from ready to face the challenging traffic on European roads. The company has, therefore, set up a system of in-house and external coaches who train newcomers and help them adjust to their new job. „There is a long-term lack of professional truck drivers in the labour market and the coronavirus crisis has only made the situation worse. Drivers are under an ever increasing pressure due to new restrictions and rules that have raised the bar to the hiring of foreign workers,” Petr Kozel explains. VCHD Cargo strives to create conditions that make our drivers’ tough job as easy as possible. Experienced support staff is available to drivers on the phone 24 hours, 6 days a week. The company has the most advanced fleet and our drivers are helped by smart technologies. VCHD Cargo continues to digitise in order to ease the administrative burden on our drivers. “All our vehicles are equipped with modern tablets that dispatchers use to communicate with drivers. Furthermore, we have also rolled out digital drive logs, a tool that has been greatly appreciated by our drivers,” says Petr Kozel. VCHD Cargo drivers also enjoy many company benefits and the most experienced among them receive special bonuses each year as members of the Millionaires’ Club. There are currently 22 members and the Club is open to any VCHD Cargo employee dedicated to the trucker profession.