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We protect our drivers – we protect all of us!

For several weeks, new measures have been in place at VCHD Cargo in connection with the spread of COVID-19. Our drivers are just behind the first line, which is, in terms of the risk of infectious of the disease, undoubtedly formed by paramedics, doctors and defence forces. Every day, our people drive through the whole of Europe and take the risk in the areas affected by the disease. They ensure that stores and e-shops are fully supplied. They are often exposed to contacts with unknown people on the road, during loading and unloading. By protecting them, we are actually protecting all of us. We take measures that minimize the risk of infection and its spread.

We are tirelessly looking for protective equipment – we have purchased hundreds of masks and respirators as well as dozens of plastic respirators with replacement filters, 1.5 thousand disposable latex gloves, 40 litres of disinfectants and 70 litres of antibacterial gels (and it is really not easy to get those). Also a plastic respirator with filters, which we put in all our 156 vehicles in the past is today’s big advantage.

We have purchased ozone generators for each branch, which are now used to efficiently clean and destroy viruses and bacteria for our entire fleet of trucks and company premises. In total, we have invested more than 10.000 EUR in protective means (and we will of course continue doing so).

We also want to thank CESMAD (Czech hauliers association), where we were one of the first to pick up masks and respirators, and last but not least, an employee of Bohemia Plast (who is our neighbour in Kladno), who sewed our drivers dozens of masks.

We have also set up new measures for administrative staff and their protection – we have introduced contactless handover of documents and sent most of our staff to work from home. We believe that all these measures in society and in companies, together with the responsibility of each of us, will contribute to slowing down and stopping the spread of this new coronavirus.

We are also troubled by a number of negative effects on our work. This is particularly a slow, lax approach in some countries, although with the advancing virus, the situation in wearing masks has improved. Yet smoking corners with 10-15 smokers are still very common in Germany. Equally negative is the opposite extreme. Total isolation, which some have explained by locking toilets, showers, canteens. This is very bad news for our drivers, who are daily on the road and transporting the goods for the people. Yet our drivers are doing a great job and we are grateful to them.