Leading Czech carrier VCHD Cargo has strengthened its export lines and expanded its team. Since January 2020, the company has created 20 new truck driver jobs. The new employees will serve on the company’s regular lines to Spain as well as in the domestic carrier service in Germany.

At the end of last year, VCHD Cargo announced its planned investments for 2020. Implementation of the plan started right from the beginning of the new year. “We listen to our customers’ needs and we have added new carrier lines to Western Europe,” VCHD Cargo a.s. Chairman Ing. Petr Kozel explains, adding: “This has required investments in both technology and human resources. Since January, we have thus hired 20 new colleagues.”

Two years ago, VCHD Cargo decided to face the tight labour market situation and a shortage of drivers by launching the “Zařiďte si” (Come and drive) project. The objective was to present the company’s job offer to the relevant target group – professional drivers – and provide information about life in the company. “The project has been a success and we now find new drivers mostly through the zaridtesi.cz web site,” says Petr Kozel, adding: “We want to help our new colleagues well adapt to our company system and teach them the principles of our customer service. At the same time, we want them to feel comfortable and welcome in our company.”

VCHD Cargo, therefore, offers numerous benefits and a fair remuneration system to all employees. In the case of drivers, for example, this includes bonuses for cost-efficient driving and loyalty benefits. “We try to set internal rules and conditions that reflect the economic, environmental and social aspects of our business,” Petr Kozel explains. “We also plan our work and investments with view of making our drivers’ difficult job as easy as possible.” For example, VCHD Cargo consistently invests in the latest technologies and has set up a network of company apartments in key destinations that the drivers may use for their mandatory breaks. VCHD Cargo drivers also highly appreciate the freedom to organise their private life thanks to a system of regular lines. VCHD Cargo currently employs 270 drivers in the Czech Republic and another 10 drivers through a foreign affiliate.