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Alternative to tarpaulin trucks for ADR service

ADR service does not involve only tank trucks with explosive or toxic substances. VCHD Cargo’s ADR service is used for a variety of other products such as batteries, cosmetics and car cosmetics. But all applicable regulations and processes must also be observed even when dealing with your regular hair spray. The right choice of a suitable vehicle can greatly smooth your way through legal intricacies. That is why VCHD Cargo typically uses swap bodies for this type of transport. They are both cost efficient and reduce the environmental impact of road transport thanks to their greater capacity.

A swap body is an intermodular freight container with four collapsible legs. It can be detached from the tractor. Swap bodies offer many advantages for transport of hazardous goods. First, there is the efficiency of loading – swap bodies have two levels the height of which can be adjusted and allow stacking to the full height without the risk of damage to the goods. The loading principle itself is an advantage, too – the body can be disconnected from the tractor and docked at the ramp ahead of time or, once loaded, it can be used as temporary storage until the goods are shipped. Furthermore, current laws allow two swap bodies to be connected to one tractor, which increases the capacity of the entire truck up to 72 pallets. This brings savings in terms of the economic cost and the carbon footprint because more goods can be transported using fewer vehicles.

Another clear advantage is the temperature control feature of swap bodies. “20 percent of our service takes place in the temperature-control regime,” says VCHD Cargo chairman Ing. Petr Kozel, adding: “This regime is used for food products as well as ADR hazardous goods sensitive to temperature fluctuations or excessive heat or cold.” Examples include paints that could deteriorate at cold temperatures or some types of cosmetics that should avoid both freezing conditions and temperatures above +25°C.

Safety is undoubtedly another benefit offered by swap bodies. “The hard container of a swap body providers an extra packaging layer for the goods,” Petr Kozel explains and jokingly compares swap bodies to “additional cans” that protects goods from theft and damage and reduces the risk of environment contamination in the event of an accident.