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VCHD Cargo invests in quality and safe technology.

Last year, the international transport company VCHD Cargo welcomed about a hundred new vehicles to its fleet, thereby reducing the average age of its vehicle fleet in the Czech Republic to 2.3 years. This significant investment also led to a notable decrease in the costs of maintenance and vehicle service. With an investment of 180 million Czech crowns in the renewal of towing and trailing vehicles, the company has strengthened the conditions for the safe driving of its drivers and increased their comfort at work.

VCHD Cargo, a transport company focused on international line haulage, has maintained its fleet of commercial vehicles at an average age of approximately 3.5 years for many years. However, last year it massively invested in the renewal of the park – acquiring 56 new towing motor vehicles and 45 trailing vehicles, including interchangeable superstructures, thus reducing the average age of the fleet to a record 2.3 years. “This means we have the most modern vehicles on European roads,” states Ing Petr Kozel, CEO and Chairman of the Board of VCHD Cargo a.s., adding, “but more importantly, we can offer our customers even more reliable services. Also, thanks to the many safety features in the most modern equipment of the vehicles and regular training of our drivers, we contribute to higher safety of operations on European roads.”

Currently, VCHD Cargo has 200 vehicles in its fleet, including so-called frigo vehicles (refrigerated trailers) for transporting goods in a controlled temperature regime or frozen products. All vehicles meet the highest Euro VI emission standard and are equipped for the transport of dangerous goods. “We decided to invest in new technology despite the economic downturn last year. This was made possible by our long-term strategy and the stable results of our family company,” adds Petr Kozel.

The new additions to VCHD Cargo are from various brands, and VCHD Cargo thus celebrated four hundred milestones. Because the fleet management has been dedicated since its founding, it could confidently state that last year it included vehicles from four brands – Scania, MAN, Mercedes, and Volvo in the fleet. “All vehicles are characterized by good equipment and a comfortable cabin, thus creating the best conditions for safe and economical driving, which we have long motivated our drivers to achieve,” concludes Petr Kozel.

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VCHD Cargo for a good cause

Our company VCHD Cargo has been supporting public benefit activities for many years. This year we supported the non-profit organization Drivers Helping Children, which is dedicated to children from an orphanage. In addition, we also continued our cooperation with the Czech SAR Team, an organization of volunteer rescue workers, and financed the purchase of a trailer for transportation of injured people.

The cooperation between VCHD Cargo and the Czech SAR Team, the largest Search & Rescue organisation in the country, was initiated by an employee who is a member of the organisation. From 2021, VCHD Cargo supports the activities of these volunteer rescuers, who, as one of the other components of the integrated rescue system, assist in the search for people in inaccessible terrain and urban areas. “We see meaning in the work of voluntary rescuers and appreciate their commitment, which they all do outside their profession,” says Ing. Petr Kozel, CEO and Chairman of the Board of VCHD Cargo a.s., and adds, “we always contribute to specific equipment that makes their work easier.” This year, the company supported the purchase of trailer equipment that enables the safe transport of injured or disabled people from difficult terrain.

This year, VCHD Cargo also directed its support towards disadvantaged children. It has started cooperation with „Řidiči pomáhající dětem”(Drivers helping children), a non-profit organisation made up mostly of professional truck drivers, which focuses on supporting children from orphanages. Every year, the drivers organize „Kamion Fest”(Truck fest) and other cultural, social or sporting events, the proceeds of which go to the Nová Ves orphanage near Chotěbor. “We appreciate the activity that has emerged from truck drivers across the country, which serves a good cause – supporting children who are not lucky enough to grow up in a family environment,” says Petr Kozel, adding, “We like to give our support to the most vulnerable in our society.”

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VCHD Cargo GmbH announces change of registered office

VCHD Cargo GmbH announces change of registered office

VCHD Cargo GmbH has made a strategic decision to move its headquarters from Radeburg to Alsfeld in Hesse, Germany. This is due to its convenient location on the A5 motorway at the junctions of its international routes as well as its proximity to its subsidiary Völker Logistik, which has been operating in Alsfeld for 18 years.

“The relocation of VCHD Cargo GmbH to the central part of Germany will give us and our customers more flexibility and give us room for even greater optimization,” says Ing. Petr Kozel, CEO and Managing Director of the VCHD Cargo Group, adds, “We will be sharing space in Alsfeld with our subsidiary Völker Logistik, which will allow us to complete its integration into our processes even more quickly.”

Alsfeld in the central part of Germany, in the state of Hesse, has good connections to the entire German motorway network thanks to its location on the A5 motorway. The VCHD Cargo Group acquired Völker Logistik here in 2021 by acquisition and is gradually integrating it into its network. The relocation of VCHD Cargo GmbH will bring personnel and process synergies that will benefit the company’s employees and customers.

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VCHD Cargo carries new swap bodies

The transport company VCHD Cargo has started cooperation on the transport of empty swap bodies directly from their production to the central warehouse in Dortmund. It is taking advantage of synergies with its long-distance international routes that run through the Ruhr area in Germany.

VCHD Cargo, which has subsidiaries in Germany, has expanded its service portfolio to include the transport of new swap bodies. Designed for overland transport, mostly in the form of a collection service, these shipping containers are fitted with standing legs so they can be easily detached from the tractor. The truck is then adapted to carry two swap bodies in tandem. “The cooperation in the transport of new swap bodies complements our orders in Germany,” says Ing. Petr Kozel, CEO and Chairman of the Board of VCHD Cargo, and adds, “Our international lines very often transport our customers’ goods in swap bodies, thus benefiting not only from time and regional synergies, but also from the know-how of our drivers, who have many years of experience with swap bodies.” VCHD Cargo transports the new Krone swap bodies from the production site in Herzlake to the central warehouse in Dortmund. The advantage is that the optimum route is via Rheine in Germany, where VCHD Cargo has a service apartment and which is the location of the company’s crew rotation.

VCHD Cargo has 230 trucks and a number of trailers in its fleet, including its own swap bodies, which it uses for transport for its customers or offers for long or short-term hire.

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VCHD Cargo Group last year

The transport company VCHD Cargo a.s. has had a successful year in 2022. According to preliminary results, its revenues exceeded one billion Czech crowns in the Czech Republic alone, representing a 17 percent increase compared to the previous year. The company also significantly strengthened its position in the German market. The revenues of its subsidiary, VCHD Cargo GmbH, increased by a record 93 percent. The number of employees in the group also increased to 428.

Transport company VCHD Cargo a.s. celebrated 25 years of operation on the Czech market last year. The balance of the entire quarter-century is more than positive. The company has been steadily growing in both the breadth of services provided and their quality, and has also experienced stable growth in revenue. However, 2022 brought demanding challenges to the land transport industry. “Last year saw a series of unprecedented events that affected the whole world, and land transport had to cope with their immediate and long-term impacts,” explains Ing. Petr Kozel, CEO and Chairman of the Board of VCHD Cargo a.s., adding, “with the war in Ukraine, fuel prices soared enormously, inflation increased significantly, and the labor market situation worsened. Nevertheless, we managed to strengthen our position in both of our markets, and to do so quite significantly.”

According to preliminary results, VCHD Cargo a.s. achieved revenues of 42.3 million euros in the Czech Republic. New acquisitions and orders from existing customers are behind the 17% growth. In addition, VCHD Cargo has also been successful in the German market. It entered the market in 2019 by establishing VCHD Cargo GmbH, and in 2021 it acquired the transport company Völker Logistik. The highest growth, by a record 93%, was achieved by VCHD Cargo GmbH, which specializes in long-distance transport. The revenues of Völker Logistik, which specializes in regional transport throughout Germany, grew by 12%. Overall, the revenues of the entire group increased by 23% to 52.5 million euros.

“We are very proud of how we managed to cope with last year. We owe it to our long-term strategy and our people, especially the drivers, who tirelessly travel across Europe every day,” says Petr Kozel.

The VCHD Cargo group currently employs 428 people in both countries, with approximately two-thirds of them being professional drivers. The company invests in their education and strives to make their demanding work as easy as possible, whether through the digitalization of processes and communication, which reduces administrative burden, or through high-quality and safe technology.

The VCHD Cargo group has its own fleet of more than 220 tractors and 160 trailers. The average age of the fleet is less than 3 years, and the company invests significantly in its renewal every year. In just last year, it purchased transportation equipment for leasing, credit, or cash with a total value of around 6.3 million euros.

Investments in VCHD Cargo have also flowed into its branches. At its headquarters in Kladno, the company has completed the construction of a new truck parking lot, while in Havlíčkův Brod, it has finished the reconstruction of the offices, as well as the interior and exterior of the branch, creating a pleasant and comfortable environment for its employees. “We are aware of how important it is for our people to feel good here,” explains Petr Kozel, adding, “our industry has been facing a drain of workers for many years, and we are constantly working to retain our team of good people and be an attractive employer for newcomers to the industry.”

In addition to being a good employer, VCHD Cargo is also a quality provider of transportation services and a reliable business partner. This is evidenced by the AAA Platinum Excellence certificate from the prestigious agency Dun & Bradstreet, which VCHD Cargo has received with the highest possible rating, confirming its financial stability, healthy financial ratios, and business conduct, continuously for a period of five years. VCHD Cargo has thus become one of the most trustworthy companies in the Czech Republic. Last year, VCHD Cargo also placed second in the Central Bohemian Region in the prestigious ranking of Czech Leaders.

In 2023, VCHD Cargo plans to extensively utilize its new investments and aims to grow in both transportation and forwarding in both the Czech Republic and Germany.

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