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Last year, VCHD Cargo strengthened and invested in digitization

VCHD Cargo, the Czech transport company, announced its results for 2018. Last year, VCHD Cargo achieved a turnover of more than 670 million crowns. The company has increased its equity investment to over 70 percent and invested in equipment and information technology.

In 2018, the largest export share of VCHD Cargo was in regular line export shipments to European destinations, of which about 80 percent were ADR dangerous goods and 20 percent food in temperature-controlled vehicles.

“In 2018, there were two important factors that influenced our economic results. The first was the fixed rate of the Czech crown to the euro and the second were the deepening protection measures for driver’s wages in some European countries.” says Ing. Pavel Sirotek, director of VCHD Cargo a.s., adds, “nevertheless, we managed to continue to grow and keep investing in the company.”

Last year, VCHD Cargo increased its share of own resources in the company’s capital to 72 percent. The investments then went into the renewal of the fleet and reconstruction of the branches. “The average age of our vehicles is two and a half year and only last year, 34 trucks and trailers were added to our fleet,” says Pavel Sirotek. Reconstruction of exterior areas took place at a branch in Havlíčkův Brod. Funds also went into the ongoing digitization of the company and IT.

VCHD Cargo also focuses on the quality of its services in the long term. Drivers are trained regularly, and they have smart technologies at their disposal for even better communication with the dispatching, which is available to drivers and customers 24 hours a day, 6 days a week.

“More than 80 percent of our employees are drivers and we are constantly trying to create better conditions for them so they can enjoy working at VCHD Cargo,” says Pavel Sirotek and draws attention to the labour market situation: “Last year we felt the lack of drivers in the labour market, which has been discussed for several years. It is affected by macroeconomic indicators such as record unemployment and demographic factors – the generation of professional drivers is aging and for the young generation is the driver’s occupation not that attractive. We are trying to change that.” That is why VCHD Cargo has launched a new recruiting project, “Steer Your way” and is continuing its well-thought-out personnel and payroll policy.

For several years VCHD Cargo has been regularly appearing in the rankings of stable Czech companies. Last year, VCHD Cargo won the AAA Excellent CZECH Stability Award and at the beginning of this year it was ranked among the top five companies in the Central Bohemian Region in the Diamonds of the Czech Business category.

VCHD Cargo does not forget about beneficial projects. For six years already is VCHD Cargo supporting  the Union of Physically Disabled in Havlíčkův Brod and also floorball in Golčův Jeník with young footballers from TJ Unhošť.


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