The Czech freight carrier VCHD Cargo is expanding its fleet. In the first half of this year, the company invested more than CZK 34 million in new towing and trailer vehicles, all of which meet the highest emission standard Euro 6. The company plans to acquire another 18 vehicles before the end of this year with an investment of more than CZK 25 million.

The VCHD Cargo fleet currently includes over 300 vehicles, trailers, semi-trailers and swap bodies with an average age of 2.5 years. New equipment is purchased throughout the year based on strict internal criteria. “We are aware of the effect of road transport on the environment and increasing transport efficiency while reducing CO2emissions is one of our key priorities. Emission standards Euro 5 and 6, are, therefore, of key importance for us,” says VCHD Cargo CEO Pavel Sirotek, adding: “We also keep in mind that being a driver is a highly demanding job, which is why we make sure that our vehicles include both active and passive elements of driving safety.”

For example, the new MAN, Scania and Volvo trucks purchased by VCHD Cargo this year come with brake assistance, warning signal system that helps drivers stay in their lane, adaptive cruise control, an emergency brake system as well as other safety features. “Furthermore, we also pay close attention to the comfort afforded to our drivers – simple intuitive control, ergonomic interior and enough space for two drivers to share the cabin,” explains Pavel Sirotek. Another important factor in the choice of vehicles purchased by VCHD Cargo is low average fuel consumption.

While VCHD Cargo buys vehicles of several brands, each brand must offer a dense network of service centres throughout Europe as well as reasonable service charges. “Our vehicles travel to all corners of Europe and we must know that there is a non-stop, high-quality service that we can rely on in the event of an emergency,” says Pavel Sirotek.

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