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VCHD Cargo and measures against the spread of coronavirus

Protecting our drivers – protecting us all 

VCHD Cargo has announced its COVID-19 measures. For nearly two months already, the company has been taking active steps to protect the health of its employees, especially its drivers, at the time of the current coronavirus pandemic, investing more than 10.000 EUR in safety measures.

“I think this unprecedented situation highlights the importance of logistics,” says Ing. Petr Kozel, chairman of the VCHD Cargo a.s. Board, explaining that “in terms of the risk of contracting this infectious disease, our drivers are at the frontlines together with healthcare workers, rescue teams and public order officials. Every day, our colleagues are on the road throughout Europe, including high-risk areas that are among the hardest-hit by the disease. They are there to make sure that there goods in our shops, including online shops whose popularity has recently skyrocketed. They come in contact with strangers on the road and when loading and unloading their vehicles. By protecting them, we, in fact, protect us all. We adopt measures designed to minimise the risk of infection and the risk of importing the disease to the Czech Republic.”

“However, we are faced with many hurdles that make our work even more difficult. First and foremost, there is the slow and inadequate response of certain countries, although wearing of facemasks has become more and more common as the situation worsens. Nevertheless, things like smoking areas where dozens of people congregate at the same time are still a common occurrence, even in Germany,” Petr Kozel continues but also criticises the other extreme – total isolation where some companies go as far as locking driver facilities – toilets, showers, canteens. “This, too, is very bad news for our drivers who spend days on the road and are now unable to enjoy even such simple services. Despite these complications, our drivers continue to do an excellent job. We are grateful to them and do our best to protect them as much as possible.”

As of today, VCHD Cargo has invested more than EUR 10.000 in personal protective items for its drivers and office staff. The company has bought hundreds of face masks, single-use gloves and disinfectants and invested in ozone generators that provide thorough cleaning and efficient liquidation of viruses and bacteria for all vehicles in its fleet. Furthermore, VCHD Cargo introduced strict internal rules for personal hygiene and circulation of individuals and documents in its facilities as early as in February.

“In the current situation, health protection measures are the no. 1 priority for us. We fully implement all new COVID-19 regulations and restrictions and we have developed our own strict in-house mechanisms to combat the virus. I am confident that if all of us – carriers, customers and consumers – behave responsibly we will get safely through this challenging period together,” Petr Kozel concludes.