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VCHD Cargo Approved as Air Cargo Carrier

The Czech transport company VCHD Cargo has become an approved air cargo carrier. The company provides shipping in the secured regime to airports in the Czech Republic as well as other European countries for customers with the regulated agent status. The company trained 30 employees in before introducing the new service.


An air cargo carrier is an entity that provides land cargo and mail services on behalf of regulated agents, known consignors or account consignors approved by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Czech Republic. Before approval, the carrier must go through a training and certification process required by the Authority and must ensure security throughout the entire transport process from or to airport terminals. “We have trained 20 drivers, dispatch staff and several office workers in order to provide this type of land transport that is subject to special rules and regulations,”Ing. Petr Kozel, Chairman of the VCHD Cargo a. s. Board of Directors, explains, adding: “this type of land transport comes with stringent security requirements on both the consignments as such and on operation and handling at airport terminals.” The new service is currently used primarily by automotive suppliers who urgently need to send their car parts to manufacturing plants. VCHD Cargo carries incoming air consignments from all parts of the world from the Václav Havel Airport Prague and provides carriage services to Czech exports to airports in Frankfurt, Nuremberg and several other destinations. VCHD Cargo has introduced the new service in order to offer fast transport options for customers without the complication of administrative formalities at EU airports.