In October this year, the transport company VCHD Cargo conducted an internal survey of the satisfaction of its employees, especially professional drivers, with Scania vehicles, which have a significant presence in its fleet. The results of the survey showed a high degree of satisfaction with the brand and both partners agreed at a joint workshop to strengthen cooperation in the coming years.

VCHD Cargo’s fleet currently has 240 trucks of various brands. Among the so-called “heavy” trucks of the N3 category, Scania is one of the three most represented brands. And because VCHD Cargo considers the opinion of those who come into contact with the vehicles on a daily basis to be important, it conducted an internal satisfaction survey. Over 300 employees took part – professional drivers as well as fleet managers and fleet engineers. The survey showed a high level of driver satisfaction with the brand, and respondents particularly highlighted the excellent gearbox with its superior ease and speed of shifting in both directions, as well as the service relief brake (retarder). On Scania vehicles, drivers also appreciated the clear and easy-to-use on-board computer and the swivel rear axle, which makes the vehicle easy to handle even in smaller spaces and causes significantly less tyre edge wear. The large windscreen and optimally sized mirrors are also an advantage, and last but not least, respondents appreciated the comfortable beds. In addition to optimising vehicle maintenance and repair costs, the challenge for Scania, according to VCHD Cargo, should be to shorten delivery times, which remain long even after the so-called ‘chip crisis’ has been dealt with; however, all brands show this trend.

“The survey has shown what we have known informally from drivers for many years – that Scania vehicles offer them a high level of user comfort and also provide sufficient facilities for their demanding work commitments away from home, on long-distance routes,” says Ing. Petr Kozel, CEO and Chairman of the Board of VCHD Cargo, adds: “We place high demands on our vehicle technology, especially in terms of the reliability of individual brands and the cost of operation, repair and maintenance. We also demand a high standard of service from our contractors in the area of vehicle repair and maintenance, not only in the Czech Republic and at weekends, as is usual, but also throughout Europe and at any time of the year. And in this respect, we consider the Czech Scania dealership to be a first-class premium brand.”

VCHD Cargo currently has almost 90 Scania vehicles in its fleet and its drivers have driven 40 million kilometres with them over the past four years. Representatives of the VCHD met with representatives of Scania’s European and Czech dealerships and exchanged their experiences in a joint workshop. “VCHD Cargo is an important customer for us, and we very much appreciate the openness and proactivity with which they conducted an internal survey with valuable insights,” says Stefano Fedel, Scania’s Executive Vice President and Director of Sales and Marketing, adding, “Our industry has entered an era where success is closely linked to how we can use the information and what services we can offer based on it in cooperation with our trusted partners. By using the data available, we can tailor everything from financing and insurance to preventive parts replacement and driver services to the individual needs of each customer.”
The average age of the VCHD Cargo fleet is approximately 3 years and all vehicles meet the strictest emission limits according to the EURO 6 standard.